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Why The Name 'Pine'?

Sitting in the car next to Manly Wharf, dreamily staring out of the window thinking out loud "what can I call this?" 

"Ocean", no.

"Sea", no.

"Blue", hmm, uhh nah.

"Tree? Tree jewels?" no.

"Oooh! How about Pine? Pine Jewels? Or Pine Jewellery?!" 

Oh my goodness. I love it!

I then made my first logo. It was hideous. I changed it a day later to a less hideous one. Still working on this!

I believe good things come to those who put their dreams to work. Small steps or big risks, nothing is too out of reach when you work towards it! I've wanted sell Jewellery for years but I never did anything about it. As the adage goes... 

"Money doesn't grow on trees."

But happiness, style, class and confidence does come from wearing Pine Jewellery! And pines sure are trees!

So no, I was not inspired by a pineapple or a disinfectant brand but just a gold old, oxygen-giving and thus life-giving tree! 

'Pine' Jewellery aim to give YOU life and life more abundantly! (John 10:10)