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About Us

Let's be real - finding unique jewellery that not only looks good but is also affordable is such a struggle! That's why in April 2020, I launched Pine Jewellery to bring you the style you've been craving. And I've been shocked at the response received! Whether you followed us or made a purchase, you gave me the motivation to continue pursuing providing you with unique pieces of jewellery at affordable prices.


I was so bored with the mainstream jewellery that filled my IG feed. It was just all so predicable. And like you, I'm not like everyone else. As women, we are unique, passionate and inherently beautiful. I wanted to bring these inherent qualities you possess to the surface in our stunning collections.


Pine Jewellery's name was inspired by the iconic pine trees in Sydney, Australia's Manly Beach. It was there that as I wondered what to name this business that my eyes caught the iconic pine trees. "Oooo", I said, "Pine Jewellery". It just had a ring to it! Consequently, the ocean has inspired many of our gorgeous pieces and hope they bring you serenity!


Pine Jewellery has since become one of Australia's leading global online jewellery stores. We aim to provide women with unique, stylish and affordable pieces that you fall in love with over and over again. Whether you're after an everyday look, beach vibes or a glam feel we've got you covered!



Founder of Pine Jewellery